Fashion-Focused Holiday Presents


This year, the holidays are the perfect time to give the people in your life some fashion-forward gifts. It’s a chance to show them how much you appreciate them, and to give them some new clothing items that will add value to their lives.

Gifts that are both useful and fun can be hard to come by, especially when you are shopping for someone who is on the cutting edge of fashion. Here are some gift ideas for your favorite fashion buff, from the newest trends to timeless classics.

The Gucci logo print mini bag is the perfect way to spoil your makeup aficionado. The Les Heures de Parfum collection case is also a great idea.

Another fun gift to give your makeup lover is a Westman Atelier palette of lip colors. This palette is perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with different shades of pink or red.

If you’re more of a shopper than a make-up artist, consider gifting your favorite makeup enthusiast a Dyson limited edition AirWrap set. These nifty gadgets will help keep their face makeup fresh and in place all day.

One of the biggest buzzwords of 2014 was the “skinny scarf,” a trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. There are tons of brands out there, but you can’t go wrong with a stylish piece by Acne Studios. The brand’s latest creation, the skinny scarf, is both fashionable and practical. A great option for a rainy day, the scarf is also available in tiger and cashmere.

A pair of oval sunglasses is a fashion-forward gift idea, but a pair with a square toe are a bit more upscale. These are ideal for a workout, and will help you stay cool and sexy while you’re at it.

While it’s certainly true that the most important part of any good holiday gift is the presentation itself, it’s no secret that giving someone some new clothing can actually be quite fun. Plus, they’ll be thrilled to have something new to wear! You can also give your fashion-forward friend a few of their basic wardrobe staples, like an organic cotton tank top or a chic leather ankle boot.

Finally, you can show them how much you care by giving them some new clothing for the home. Whether you buy them a set of pjs or an updated lunch box, a little splurge will go a long way.

Of course, there are also many other gifts to consider when shopping for fashion-forward friends. If you’re looking for a one size fits all, consider a chic jewelry stand. Other fashion-forward gifts you can give include a cool-looking pair of earrings.

Fashion is a very personal thing. You want to be sure to buy the right item for the person you are buying for. Remember, your fashion-obsessed friend will probably be wearing the newest trends anyway. For instance, pearl jewelry is trendy now.

In fact, they were a major trend in 2014. They’re now a cult favorite amongst teens.