The Power of Beauty


Beauty has a long and storied history, and has been used to measure the merits of people and things. From the earliest racial theorists who defined “white” as the most beautiful race to the current fad of natural hair, beauty is a powerful tool for self-expression.

One of the simplest, most effective ways to demonstrate the power of beauty is by looking at how the symmetry of a human face is reflected in its shape. For example, the eyebrows and nose should be proportional to the face, and the eyes should be equally distributed in the face.

There is an enormous difference between an aesthetically pleasing face and a body that is physically unattractive. Some of the simplest ways to achieve this goal are to smile, dress appropriately, and be confident in your abilities.

The concept of beauty in general is a complex one. It has many facets, and depending on the context, perception can vary. Depending on the person, there may be different aspects of a face that are more attractive. Similarly, the overall look of a person can also be more important than the individual features.

Historically, the concept of beauty has been more about body size than it is about aesthetics. A person’s appearance is the most obvious and most often cited aspect of beauty, but there are many other considerations that need to be considered in order to attain a high quality of life.

As the number of Black Americans continues to increase, the beauty industry has been shifting as well. In recent years, the beauty industry has expanded to include everything from skin care products to perfumes. However, Black consumers still lag behind the mainstream in terms of access to quality beauty products. Additionally, Black employees are underrepresented at retailers that sell beauty products. This creates a number of friction points for Black consumers.

Developing an equitable ecosystem for the beauty industry has not been easy. Not only do Black people have to contend with the same issues as everyone else, but the industry has to overcome many barriers that are built into the very foundations of the industry. Developing a more receptive community to Black entrepreneurs is a key first step in this endeavor.

Increasing the share of Black entrepreneurs and the amount of Black beauty products that are sold could help level the playing field. More importantly, though, the benefits of this type of change will be felt across the entire economy.

Another possible solution is to rethink the standards by which a person is judged as beautiful. While this can be a risky undertaking, if done correctly, it could lead to a more equal society. Even more radical would be to reject the idea that beauty is a good measure of a person’s worth.

To achieve this, there are numerous changes that can be made in the beauty industry. These include improving the visibility of Black consumers in advertising and marketing materials, as well as the development of Black-led beauty brands. Other steps that are often overlooked are better partnerships with Black-owned businesses and increased research on the Black consumer.